Google Calendar integration

Timerise’s Google Calendar integration keeps your bookings and availability in sync with Google Calendar, ensuring all your essential information is consolidated in one convenient spot.

🤔 How does it work?

The Google Calendar integration in Timerise allows users to synchronize their bookings and availability with their Google Calendar, ensuring real-time updates. When a booking is made through Timerise, it automatically reflects in the connected Google Calendar, preventing double bookings and enhancing scheduling efficiency. Additionally, any changes or cancellations made in Timerise are instantly updated in Google Calendar, maintaining consistent and accurate scheduling information across both platforms.

💫 What are the benefits?

The key benefits of the Google Calendar integration with Timerise include seamless synchronization of bookings and availability, which helps prevent double bookings and ensures accurate scheduling. It provides real-time updates, so any changes or cancellations in Timerise are instantly reflected in Google Calendar, enhancing overall efficiency. This integration also centralizes scheduling information, making it more convenient for users to manage their appointments in one place.