Built-in payments

Timerise integrates with Stripe and Adyen for secure online payments, making it easy for customers to pay and helping you manage revenue efficiently.

πŸ€” How does it work?

From a technical standpoint, Timerise integrates with Stripe and Adyen through API connections, allowing seamless payment processing within the platform. Businesses configure their payment settings by providing necessary credentials, such as API keys and endpoint URLs, to enable secure transactions. When a customer makes a payment, the system communicates with the payment provider to process the transaction and update the booking status accordingly.

πŸ’« What are the benefits?

Customers benefit from the convenience of secure online payments, making the booking process faster and more efficient. They can enjoy a seamless experience without the need for cash or manual payments, enhancing their overall satisfaction. Additionally, the integration with trusted providers like Stripe and Adyen ensures their payment information is handled securely, providing peace of mind.