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Custom online booking solution that makes psychologists work better organized and more predictable. For your and your patient's comfort.

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Save time by automated 24/7 reception desk

Reduce no-shows with friendly reminders

Sleep well by running easy-to-book psychotherapy sessions

Why a good online booking system is worth using for psychology clinics?

Running a psychology clinic is a challenge. To be a step ahead of competitors requires not only a trustworthy team of psychologists and psychotherapists but also great management skills and focus on each aspect of the health business.

Good preparation increases the patients' satisfaction

Ask for the previous injuries, submit earlier medical documentation required by the doctor, or simply check if there are no contraindications to a particular physiotherapy before meeting with medical staff.

Google Calendar keeps everybody informed in real-time

2-way synchronization with Google calendar to combine work with patients' schedules. As confirmation notifications are sent via e-mail and SMS.

Updated information keeps patients calm

Avoid unnecessary calls to the clinic. Schedule working hours and holiday breaks to provide your patients with the most present, reliable information about physiotherapists' availability.

Online availability is like the reception desk open 24/7

Allow your patients to book appointments in the clinic with a few clicks, anytime they want. Whether it is early morning or in the middle of the night.

Friendly reminders reduce no-shows

Increase the number of finalized doctor appointments thanks to friendly reminders. Quickly inform your patients about new free slots and increase their chances of scheduling a meeting with the lawyers.

⭐ Coming soon in the app, ready to use via API ⭐

How an online booking system improves a psychology clinic's work?

Timerise is a great solution for psychology clinic owners and managers who want to:

  • keep a seamless meeting schedule despite your staff rotation
  • increase the number of finalized psychologist's appointments thanks to friendly reminders
  • decide how many days, weeks, or months are available to book ahead
  • review and edit all meeting appointments in one dashboard
  • help receptionist manage clients easily and transparently
  • or reduce the receptionist role at all
  • collect more information about patients to provide better service in a shorter time
  • connect the online booking system with Google Calendar
  • be able to manage a few languages calendars that are synchronized
  • sleep well thanks to no overbooking
  • Coming soon ⭐ after one patient's cancelation automatically inform others about available slot

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How to start using a booking tool?

Create an online booking page

Add info, schedule, and form.

💡 Protip: Match your brand style with the booking page to be consistent.

Share your real-time availability

Be in reach for your clients 24/7.

💡 Protip: Set minimum notice time to be always ready for customer visits.

Promote your services

Use your web and social media.

💡 Protip: The booking page has a link. Use Timerise's tips to boost interest.

Where you can promote online bookings for psychotherapy clinics?

Reach out to your patients via many channels. You can add a link to the clinic's or a particular psychologist's booking page at.

Your website as a reservation button or banner

Facebook as a Book Now button

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as a Link in the bio

Google My Business and Google Maps

QR codes on business cards, leaflets, ads, or publications

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What do you get with Timerise?

  • ready-to-use online booking page for psychology clinic
  • unlimited number of services, assets, locations, spaces, and team members
  • no overbooking guarantee
  • friendly reminders
  • internal forms
  • Google Calendar synchronization
  • booking page ready for mobile devices
  • notifications via e-mail and SMS
  • any language from the world
  • customizable booking page
  • option to add your logo
  • option to add a receptionist or profile picture
  • option to add pictures of medical treatment
  • option to change between light and dark mode
  • white label (Timerise's logo is hidden)
  • data export

Test for free now!

Timerise online booking tool enables 30 bookings monthly without any fees. If you're just starting, it's good to test and check if it fits you.

  • all features (only except SMS notifications) are available to use
  • no credit card required
  • full API access

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