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Booking solution that adjusts to all recruitment stages to save your time.

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Use automation for multiple calendars

Reduce cadidates' no-shows for the appointments

Be the easiest to reach among other recruiters

Why a good online booking system is worth using for recruiters?

As a recruiter, your work is about meeting people. As a part of the HR team, you have may have even around 20-30 events per week. Sometimes you feel like you need an assistant. Somebody who answers all questions above and takes care of a buffer between the meetings so you can eat properly. Oh, and maybe somebody who successfully reminds candidates about the meeting. If you dream about your booking assistant, read about the solution which can make your work life easier.

Invitation booking link easy to send on LinkedIn

Many great candidates are reachable on LinkedIn. Send Timerise booking website to the potential employee via InMail. Just paste the link to the message. Candidates can choose from available timeslots.

Obligatory GDPR consent statement

If you require a signed GDPR, ask for it at the very early stage to have all formalities done. In Timerise candidates will add documents at the booking stage. It shortens the process and makes it seamless for both sides - the recruiter and the candidate.

One link to all calendars

Probably you have more than one calendar. With Timerise you don't need to copy your meetings between calendars anymore. They integrate automatically 2-ways.

One-click to reschedule

Life writes different scenarios. Let you and your candidates easily change the meeting date using the booking link. Use this feature to increase the percentage of show-ups and finalized interviews.

SMS reminder

It happens that you schedule an interview via phone, send a friendly reminder via e-mail, and…there is a no-show. What is good in this scenario, you can rethink how to communicate with candidates better and consider sending them SMS.

How an online booking system improves recruiters' work?

Timerise is a great solution for recruiters, managers or employer branding managers who want to:

  • manage calendars easily and transparently
  • get one link to all calendars and keep them integrated
  • increase the number of finalized appointments with candidates thanks to friendly reminders
  • collect obligatory GDPR consent statement while booking
  • review and edit all meeting appointments in one dashboard
  • be able to send invitation booking link easily via. LinkedIn
  • collect more information about candiadtes
  • establish 'One-click to reschedule' standard for candidates
  • be able to manage a few languages calendars that are synchronized
  • send friendly reminders via e-mail & SMS
  • connect online booking system with Google Calendar

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How to start using a booking tool?

Create online booking page

Add info, schedule and form.

💡 Protip: Match your brand style with booking page to be consistent.

Share your real time availability

Be in reach for your clients 24/7.

💡 Protip: Set miminum notice time to be always ready for customers visits.

Promote your services

Use your web and social media.

💡 Protip: Booking page has a link. Use Timerise's tips to boost interest.

Where you can promote online bookings for recruiters?

via many channels. You can add a link to the HR firm's booking page at.

Your website as a reservation button or banner

Facebook as a Book Now button

Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube as a Link in bio

Google My Business and Google Maps

QR code on a business cards, leaflets, ads, or publications

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What you get with Timerise?

  • ready-to-use online booking page for recruiters and HR teams
  • unlimited number of services, assets, locations, spaces, and hosts
  • no overbooking guarantee
  • friendly reminders
  • internal forms
  • Google Calendar 2-way synchronization
  • booking page ready for mobile devices
  • notifications via e-mail and SMS
  • any language from the world
  • customizable booking page
  • own logo and style
  • option to add a profile picture
  • option to add pictures of the documentation
  • option to change between light and dark mode
  • white label (Timerise's logo is hidden)
  • data export

Test for free now!

Timerise online booking tool enables 30 bookings monthly without any fees. If you're just starting, it's good to test and check if it fits you.

  • all features (only except SMS notifications) are available to use
  • no credit card required
  • full API access

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