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Finalize more bookings

Custom booking solution that makes reservations easier for you and your clients. Create a unique customer experience and grow your business.

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Modern, flexible and scalable

Our advanced booking platform includes only outstanding ingredients.


Attach all kinds of front-ends, perform A/B testing and take advantage of the incredible performance of our API.


We base our infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform for the best-in-class uptime, server response and scalability.


No more unnecessary and time-consuming series of API requests. You decide what you precisely need from the backend.

Big data

Take a deep dive into the data and make only informed decisions. Designed for your business agility.

Make it yours

Fully align the appearance and content of the booking pages with your business, brand, and services.

Use the built-in booking pages

Start sharing booking pages instantly with no additional development.

Test how it works

Modify with open-source

Our booking pages are available for free as open-source. Customize them the way you want and how you want.

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Integrate your booking pages

You don't have to give up your booking pages. Integrate them easily with Timerise.

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Build as you like

Incredible level of customization and amazing flexibility.

Multiple projects

Projects include services, dedicated teams, locations and assets. Create them to best reflect your business offer.

Customizable services

Add media, descriptions, assign hosts, locations and assets. Define availability or promotions for specific time slots.

Personalized booking pages

Decide what data you need to provide even better quality services. Configure forms without restrictions thanks to metafields.

Online spaces

Add personal video call links to your services. Reach with your offerings regardless of where you are.


Locations are physical places where you provide your services. As part of the project, you can add as many as your offer requires.


Use assets when dedicated equipment is needed. Don't worry about its availability when customers book an appointment.

Built-in communication

Decide how you want to address your customers. Be consistent with the tone of voice of your business. Both SMS & email.


Your brand at the forefront. Your customers don't need to know you're using third-party booking systems.

Custom domains

Add an extra level of personalization. Use your domains on booking pages and in email communication.

Configurable booking flow

Decide how to book your services. Choose between automatic, host or customer confirmations via email/SMS.

Scheduling policies

Automate services schedules. Decide on the time horizon, number of time slots or their occurrence on specific days of the week.


Offer you services no matter the location. Built-in time zones use an universal UTC format for development convenience.

Powerful search

Search results are precise and at a glance regardless of scale. For that and much more, we use Algolia.

Promo codes

Be more competitive with customer-friendly prices. Add discount promo codes to your services whenever you like.


Speak to customers in their language. Booking pages support English, German, Ukrainian, and Polish. More to come.

Google Calendar integration

Sync bookings and your availability with Google Calendar. All the most important things in one place.

Stripe payments

Make it possible to pay for your services online. Your customers will appreciate the convenience and will come back more often.

One-time and recurring services

Add one-time events or services that you provide regularly. Possibility to book your services with date ranges coming soon!


Control who makes reservations and how. Block unwanted phone numbers and email addresses with ease.


Connect your application to Timerise API with webhooks effortlessly. Let us know and help expand the list.

Static API key

For greater convenience during implementation. No need to constantly log in to the Timerise API.

Be in control

The entire API configuration in one application.


The services reflect your business. Add as much as you need. Each of them can be fully adjusted and has a unique booking page.

Learn how to add Services


Have an overview of all backend bookings with their statuses. Searching, filtering and sorting will allow you to easily find the results you are interested in.

Learn about Bookings


Keep an eye on your entire team. Add users and assign roles from the API level. Create teams to suit the services you provide.

Learn how to add Team members


Keep an eye on API usage and your billing plan. Display active, canceled and rescheduled bookings. An ideal place for managers, admins and those who value data.

Freedom of development

Everything you need to start implementing and testing Timerise.

Sandbox environment

Test Timerise before setting up a production account.

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Apollo Explorer

Interactive playground to check the capabilities of our API.

Open Explorer

API documentation

The documentation will help you get up and running with our API.

Open documentation

Built on a proven stack

  • Cloudflare

    Cloudflare Global Network

  • Google Cloud Platform

    Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Kubernetes Engine

    Google Kubernetes Engine

  • Firebase

    Firebase Platform

  • GraphQL

    GraphQL Query Language

  • Apollo

    Apollo Graph Platform

  • Algolia

    Algolia Search API

  • Twilio

    Twilio Programmable Messaging

  • SendGrid

    SendGrid Email API

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Grow with us

From humble beginnings to great heights: Your journey from small to big.


πŸš€  Start building for free! Integrate fast and explore features.


  • βœ“ 50 bookings/mo
  • βœ“ 1 project
  • βœ“ Built-in email notifications
  • βœ“ Customizable booking pages
  • βœ“ API access
  • βœ“ App access
  • βœ“ Unlimited services, locations, spaces, assets & team members

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πŸ’ͺ  Take ownership of your bookings with extra support from our team.

  • βœ“ All Free plan greatness
  • βœ“ Multiple projects
  • βœ“ Custom bookings limit
  • βœ“ Built-in email notifications
  • βœ“ Built-in SMS notifications
  • βœ“ Built-in payments (Stripe)
  • βœ“ Custom email provider
  • βœ“ Custom email templates
  • βœ“ Custom domains
  • βœ“ Custom SMS provider
  • βœ“ Custom SMS messages
  • βœ“ Common Slack workspace
  • βœ“ Premium Support
  • βœ“ Premium SLA
  • βœ“ BigQuery access
  • βœ“ Staff traning
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Frequently asked questions

How can I use Timerise?

Use Timerise as part of your current customer journey, for internal purposes or build a completely new booking system.

Can I use my front-end?

Of course. The advantage of using our API is the ability to connect your custom frontend. Timerise is headless through and through.

Can I use my communication?

Yes. Timerise offers built-in SMS and email communication, but you can make the most of the one you are currently using.

Can I customize the booking page?

Upload your logo, select the theme and decide what data you want to collect from your customers when booking services.

How can I start using Timerise?

Timerise requires implementation. Check the documentation and the GraphQL playground. Let us know if you need any help.

How can I transfer data to Timerise?

The easiesy way would be using a .csv file. Let us know if you’d like to use something custom.

Are reviews public?

Decide how you want to address your customers. Be consistent with the tone of voice of your business.

Are payments built-in?

Currently not, but this functionality is on our roadmap. We will certainly let you know when it is ready.

How can I use projects?

Projects can be used to separate business units or to handle completely independent activities.

Łukasz OsiadΕ‚y

The project required a quick implementation of a complete booking system. API and frontend were used. We are very pleased with both the product's capabilities and the commitment of the team. Great work!

Łukasz OsiadΕ‚y

Process Leader @ RST Software Masters

Start for free  now!

Start for free now!

Timerise online booking tool enables 30 bookings monthly without any fees. If you're starting out, it's good to test and check if it fits you.

  • βœ“ all features (only except SMS notifications) are available to use
  • βœ“ no credit card required
  • βœ“ full API access

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See what's up

What's new ✨

Google and Stripe integrations are ready πŸš€. Bookings and availabilities will be synced with your Google Calendar. Also, you'll be able to gather payments for your services πŸ’°.

What's next 😎

We are working on a third option for defining schedules ⏰. In addition to one-time events, recurring services based on time slots, the ability to select date ranges will be available very soon! πŸ’ͺ

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