Bookings, tailored.

For companies that need a modern booking platform. Build your customer experience that suits your services.

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Modern, flexible and scalable

An advanced booking platform based on three outstanding ingredients.


Attach all kinds of front-ends, perform A/B testing and take advantage of the incredible performance of our API.


We base our infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform for the best-in-class uptime, server response and scalability.


No more unnecessary and time-consuming series of API requests. You decide what you precisely need from the backend.

Build as you like

We offer amazing customization and flexibility on many levels.

Customizable services

Add media, descriptions, assign hosts, locations and assets. Define availability or promotions for specific time slots.

Personalized booking pages

Decide what data you need to provide even better quality services. Configure forms without restrictions thanks to metafields.

Multiple projects

Projects include services, dedicated teams, locations and assets. Create them to best reflect your business offer.


Locations are physical places where you provide your services. As part of the project, you can add as many as your offer requires.


Use assets when dedicated equipment is needed. Don't worry about its availability when customers book an appointment.

Scheduling policies

Automate services schedules. Decide on the time horizon, number of time slots or their occurrence on specific days of the week.

Customizable communication

Decide how you want to address your customers. Be consistent with the tone of voice of your business.


Your customers don't need to know you're using Timerise. We remove our logo regardless of the subscription plan.

Flexible pricing

Our pricing is based on the usage of bookings. Choose an open plan, with a monthly limit or tailored individually.

Make it yours

Adjust the appearance and content of the booking pages to your brand and services.

Have your own front-end? Great, you don't have to give it up. Integrate it easily with Timerise API. Learn how

Be in control

One place to tame the power of API, both on desktop and mobile.

Insightful dashboard

Keep an eye on API usage and your billing plan. Display active, canceled and rescheduled bookings. An ideal place for managers, admins and those who value data.

Detailed bookings list

Have an overview of all backend bookings with their statuses. Searching, filtering and sorting will allow you to easily find the results you are interested in.

Easy team management

Manage your team efficiently. Add users and assign roles from the API level or through the admin panel. Create teams to suit the services you provide.

Locations & assets

Within projects, you can define locations and assets. This will facilitate and streamline the bookings of services that take place in a specific location and require the reservation of appropriate equipment.

Freedom of development

Along with extensive documentation, we have prepared a GraphQL playground so that you can test Timerise on your own.

Choose your plan

All plans have the same set of features. Simple and fair.


400 bookings / month


(€0.75 per booking)

billed annually

or €270 month-to-month

The price of each over-limit booking will increase to €0.95.


1 000 bookings / month


(€0.60 per booking)

billed annually

or €540 month-to-month

The price of each over-limit booking will increase to €0.95.


2 500 bookings / month


(€0.48 per booking)

billed annually

or €1080 month-to-month

The price of each over-limit booking will increase to €0.95.


10 000+ bookings / month


(€0.30 per booking)

billed annually

Pay as you go

Unlimited bookings


per booking billed monthly

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What’s new ✨

We are actively looking for financing. If you are interested in Timerise, please contact us at We will be very pleased to talk to you. Have a great day!

What’s next 😎

The next big step will be integration with a solid payments partner. Thanks to it, you will be able to charge for your services on the booking page.

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